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Te Kāhui Rau, He Kāhui Mano

The inspiring vision of ‘Te Kāhui Rau, He Kāhui Mano’ is a poignant call to restore the mana and mauri of whenua papatupu and hapū connection to ancestral lands. This kaupapa embodies a collective effort to strengthen our bonds with each other and the natural world, cultivating a deep sense of connection and responsibility around Taranaki Maunga.

Te Kāhui Rau - Project Focus and relationship to Te Rewa Rewa

This focus of our project is for ngā uri o Ngāti Tāwhirikura to express our relationship with Te Taiao through whakapapa, mātauranga Māori and indigenous practices that enhance the health and vitality of whenua and whānau.

The articulation of connection, responsibility and relationship will provide the foundation for exploring other knowledges to further enhance our ability to develop an appropriate Indigenous Land Management Framework that supports the revitalisation of Te Taiao.

In time, the narrative and authenticity will inform product development, market opportunities and partnerships to create products of high integrity and value.

The restoration and revitalisation of our ancestral lands to restore the mana & mauri of te Taiao, provides an enabling environment for our ‘kai resilience’ programme. This will be supported by our development of a Hapū Kai Resilience Strategy.

The project has four focus areas:

  1. Consolidating a Te Taiao knowledge base

  2. Engaging and activating ngā uri o Ngāti Tāwhirikura members

  3. Whenua management planning

  4. Wider community and regenerative eco-system engagement

Since gaining support and approval from the Hapū Trust in 2021 to implement a comprehensive regeneration kaupapa, we have named this project Te Kahui Rau.

We confirm we have been able to successfully progress key activities to:

  1. Increase our visibility and presence on our ancestral lands; and

  2. Begin revitalising the site through regenerative systems and practice


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