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About Te Kāhui Rau

The reclamation of ancestral lands for holistic healing


Te Kāhui Rau

The Te Kāhui Rau kaupapa has many elements, but one foundational component is our research and regeneration project that seeks to define our relationship with Te Taiao through whakapapa, mātauranga Māori, indigenous practices and the sciences.

Our goal is to enhance the health and vitality of our whenua and whānau.


Te Kāhui Rau is the first stage in our journey to revitalise the mana and mauri of Te Taiao. It is the necessary pre-cursor to He Kāhui Mano.


He Kāhui Mano

He Kāhui Mano is the growth phase of the kaupapa. Once we  have formed our plan during the first stage of Te Kāhui Rau, we have the key to unlock the potential of the future: He Kāhui Mano. 

Te Tiriti o Waitangi is embedded within every aspect of this kaupapa

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