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Exploring Te Taiao

Te Taiao is the interconnection of wai, whenua, āhuarangi, and koiora.

Te Taiao in action means where humanity and the natural world sustain each other in an interconnected relationship of mutual respect and interdependence. 

Te Taiao encompasses everything that is 'growing and flowing' in our physical, metaphysical, temporal (past-present-future), and cultural spheres. All are intrinsically linked with biodiversity, whereby there is mauri, mana, tapu (sacred) and wairua (spirit). 

Te Taiao is a universal, local, and personal phenomenon. Individuals with a strong emotional attachment to place are more likely to respect a place, and want to protect, care for, and improve their place. From a Māori worldview, Te Taiao manifests itself through whakapapa; people, landscape, plants, or animals. 

Listen to Glen Skipper, Project Lead, discuss what Te Taiao really means and how we can be part of its revitalisation.

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