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Ngāti Tāwhirikura

We hold a transformative vision to heal our people through the restoration and revitalisation of Te Taiao over the next four generations. 

Our aspirational goals to achieve this vision are intertwined, and together provide a potent focus for our efforts to build resilience amongst our people. 

This is underpinned by our values of: 

  • Mana Motuhake

  • Tiakitanga

  • Rangatiratanga

  • Tūturutanga


We have redefined our masterplan of goals which supports the reclamation of our ancestral lands to demonstrate a holistic healing model that positively supports:


  1. An enduring cultural integrity and identity for ngā uri o Ngāti Tāwhirikura

  2. Revitalisation of Te Taiao

  3. Thriving and resilient whānau and hapū

  4. Distributive and regenerative businesses

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